Monday, August 31, 2009

Foust Building

on Thursday Aug, 27th, we studied the Foust Building on the corner of Spring Garden St and College Ave.
we looked at the structure and the surrounding of the building. we had to think about the history and reasons for the building being in that place.
i had come to the conclusion that, of course, the building was old and that it was probably one of the first in the area. i derived this conclusion from the style and build of Foust. the exterior is red brick and has white stone accents. the door ways and windows are all arched instead of the standard square/rectangle shape. the main entrance is (mostly) centered on the building. it has a stone balcony above the main entrance. there are 2-3 windows per room, making the building appear bigger than it actually is. the building is long and narrow, forming a slight t shape. on the exterior of the building there are "earthquake ties" that essentially hold the building together. there are "weep holes" as well. the weep holes would have been part of the cooling system, given that the building wasn't built with AC. the Foust Building faces Spring Garden St, giving UNCG the look of seriousness and beauty.
the Foust Building differs from the other buildings on campus is several ways. one is that the wood work is painted dark green and burgundy unlike the traditional white of others. the older, red brick is different than the newer, brown brick of the more recent buildings. the front steps and balcony are made from stone and brick rather wood. the building has a lot more windows than others as well.