Friday, September 18, 2009

what's in a name?

the area where the greensboro college sign is has had several different names over the years. it started as piety hill because the methodist church stared greensboro college as a religious institution and piety means religious. then it was changed to west end. this was because the town grew and didnt want the religiousness so prominent and it is the western area of greensboro. last but not least the name became college hill. this name suits the best because it is the edge of town where the campuses of greensboro college and UNCG start.
**to infill anything is to replace the original with something new**
the big pink house on the corner of mendenhall st and market st is the oldest house in this area. i think it was kept because it is a symbol of the old days.

there is an apartment building on
mendenhall st that you can tell hasnt been there long because it is facing market st instead of mendenhall st and there are no porches and the style is very bland. it is an infill because the contractors took the empty land and turned into more living space.

there is a little white house on the corner of mendenhall st and mcgee st that is a perfect example of a porch infill. the porch went across the front of the house but half has been filled in to make more inside room.

there is a huge church on one of
the corners on mendenhall st. it took the place of a couple houses and the land across from it is now a parking lot that took the place of a couple more houses. this is an example of a church infill.

there is also a big setback on
mendenhall. the house is
oviously newer and it has been set back on the land so that the front of it lines up with the back of the surrounding homes.

College Hill

there are a lot of different types and appearances for different homes/buildings. on college there are limited types and appearances though. the houses were all two stories. all of the houses had front porches and a few had side porches. not many had wooden window screens but most had metal storm windows. only a few didnt have doors with windows in them. none of the houses on college hill had window shutters. about half of the houses had driveways...some had to park in the street. a lot had only one mailbox but some had multiple; these were the houses that had been turned into more of an apartment. all had somewhat of a front yard but not all the foundation planting. only a few went without having shady trees in the yard. the apartment building were the only buildings built of anything besides wood. they all had wood trim though. we came to the conclusion that the houses are the way they are because this isnt really a single-family neighborhood anymore, its college students and some professors.

Friday, September 11, 2009


there are many values portrayed through different buildings and areas on UNCG campus. one that interested me was the library tower. some of the values i see in the library tower are superiority, importance and a kind of landmark on the campus. its superiority comes with the fact that it stands higher than the other buildings on the campus. it is made of white stone material rather than the common brick. this makes the building stand out among the others in a way to give it superiority. the importance value tacks on to that because it shows that the building serves a special purpose, books. it is the place you can go when you need to do research or to study. the landmark value ties into the importance because it is viewable all around campus. just look for the tall white library tower and you know automatically where you are. these are all very important values to be help on the UNCG campus.
another location is the quad. this is the area between the upper-classman dorms. it is a big open area with trees lining it. the sidewalk goes around the edges with sidewalks criss-crosses through grass forming triangles. the quad has several values. one of which is that it is a common area for gathering. it is a great place to gather for things such as frisbee, tag, or sunbathing. it can, also, be a common place to meet for the upper-classman.
a third area is peabody park. this is the 'nature area' for the school. it was originally donated to be the nature/exercise area for the women students. part of it is now a golf course and sports stuff. the w. market street boundary is lined with the peabody park. i think the school will eventually use that land for other things. i think that they will find more productive jobs for the land than to just be there.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Centers are found all around campus. there are 3 main centers: the EUC, the library, and the caf. i would have to sat that the EUC's center is the staircase. the stairs come out and around as if they are receiving you into the building (from the college ave entrance). the top and bottom of the staircase are circular with little circles in them. the architect tied the walker ave entrance in with the staircase look with a circle theme, with the circle on the bottom reflecting a circle on the top.

the library has two main centers. the area between the info desk and the study area and the college ave entrance. the inside area has this piece of art hanging from the ceiling and it almost seems out of place but it adds to the centrality of the area. it has a hall on two ends and two open rooms on the sides. the college ave entrance has the rounded off appearance and has the classical columns.

the cafe has two main centers as well. the staircase leading to the food and the walker fountain
entrance. the fountain entrance has a rectangular theme about it. the carpet has rectangular outlines that reflect the skylights in the ceiling.

my view on "center-ness" is that it is a common place. a place that people visit regularly or a common meeting area for friends. it is a place that when you are all over the place you can say "Meet me here or there" and everyone knows where you are talking about. its a place you show people when they come to visit or when they first come to the school. it is a place of easy access, anyone can get to it easily. it is, basically, a common area with easy access.

Friday, September 4, 2009


on my map of the UNCG campus, i labeled the bell tower, on the corner of college ave and spring garden, as my stack. even though the bell tower is only 4 yrs old, i think that it was built to represent the past. it is built with the brick and stone details of the older buildings such as foust. it also has the columns on the clock face of the the tower such as stone and brown do. i think that in building the bell tower, the architech was trying to tie all of the different decades together.

i labeled the foust building as a front because it is facing
out to the town of Greensboro rather than the campus as stone or the library does.

i chose the steam plant, on the corner of highland ave and oakland ave, as the strip. because no one wants to see the maintenance aspect of campus, the steam stack has been pushed to the back of campus along with all electrical wires, the water tower, and the cell phone tower.

as my vantage point, i chose the mciver parking deck tower.
from this tower, you can look out across campus and see from a top view rather than the cross section view you would get on the ground.

the dining hall is labeled as my beat because it is a very common place for students and visitors to go through.