Sunday, November 15, 2009

11/7 Class Pt 1: Retail

for the November 7th class we covered many different areas.

for the retail section we went to the Friendly Center and the Four Seasons Mall.

the Friendly Center has many different types of shops and serves several age levels. they serve college students and middle age working class mainly. the shops range from clothes to pets to food to electronics. there are a couple pharmacies thrown in there too. the specific types of shops aren't put together, they are all intermingling through out the area. the Friendly Center is considered a strip mall so there are several buildings that have been split into a lot of spaces where the stores are. they all face outward around the building, even at the back of the building. the buildings full of stores fill the area from Friendly Avenue to Northline Avenue and from Greenvalley Road to Pembroke Road. there are parking lots in between all of the buildings and sidewalks along the sides of the buildings. in between some of the parking lots there are little pedestrian sitting/picnicking areas. security has a high value at the Friendly Center--there are little cameras set up and security guards forever circling around the parking lots and buildings.

the Four Seasons Mall has the same types of stores and targeted age groups. they have a couple extra types of shops such as there post office, the game room by the food court and the independent vendors throughout the store. the setup is what differs the Four Seasons Mall from the Friendly Center. the mall is all one big three story building with the stores side-by-side with the walk ways in between. the parking lots surround the building in a full 360. the elevators and escalators provide transportation to and from each level.

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