Monday, November 16, 2009

11/7 Class Pt 5: Wrap up

so we covered all the different types of areas seen in Greensboro, or any town really. we talked about the retail and its importance in providing food, clothes, entertainment, and other odds and ends to the people, both who live here and visit from other places. the residential and its purpose to house the people, mainly the ones who live here but some who visit or pass through. the roadway and its use as a sort of free advertising for the retail part of town while some of them lead to the homes of the Greensboro natives. they all lead somewhere that had a use one way or the other. the open space we saw was very important because it is in rememberance of those who fell in the American Revolutionary War. it also shows that Greensboro see its natural environment as an important asset. i think Greensboro is a lovely little city and has a lot to offer those around and in it.

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