Monday, November 16, 2009

11/7 Class Pt 4: Open Space

for the November 7th class, one of the last places we visited was Battleground Park. this is where Nathanael Greene fought in the Battle of the Guilford Court House in the American Revolutionary War. the park is a beautiful peaceful place to have a picnic, take a walk, or go for class.

throughout the park, there are statues commemorating different historically important people in Greensboro. Joseph M. Moorehead who dealt with the train
depot and the transportation. Nathanael Greene, which should be obvious. William Hooper who was a big supporter of the American Revolution and was a delegate in the First Continential Congress and then in the Second as well. he was one of the signatures on the Declaration of Independance and his remains were permanently buried here at the Battleground Military Park. John Penn who served on the Continental Congresses with William Hooper and is buried along side of him in the park.

i think that it is very important for Greensboro to acknowledge that something great happened here at the park. it also helps preserve nature and give us an idea of what Greensboro was like before all the buildings went up. it is a beautiful area and should be embraced and remembered.

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