Monday, October 26, 2009

back to the center

the center of Greensboro NC is
the intersection of Market Street
and Elm Street. the four corners consist of a bank, a law building, and two others that are in reconstruction. this intersection is the highest point of town; there is a hill in each direction. all of the streets in Greensboro are
named significantly: Elm Street was lined
with elm trees, Market Street was the main road to the market places.
there are numerous stacks around town...they are commonly referred to as parking decks. they stragetically placed so that they are closest to the big industries and companies. the old Woolworth Company building is under renovation to restore the structure and to convert it into a museum. a lot of the old retail building that were here originally are being renovated and reused for practical reasons. most of the older buildings were built
without electricity so they were built with a lot of windows all
around the building to allow the sunlight in through out the day. the whole district we were looking at was one road wide. it is lined by the city-state-government buildings (aka courthouse, jailhouse, police department...ect...). some of the alleys have been converted for practical reasons with a pretty look to entertain the public.

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