Friday, October 2, 2009

re-purpose : re-use

there are several buildings that have been renovated as the wafco building was. there is the charles mciver school which is now used as church place. the old YMCA building which was turned into the physical ed building for greensboro college is another example. there are also new
buildings that have gone up. there are apartment buildings that have been built up on the street with the old run down buildings behind it. there are strip malls on the front of the street also "hide" older buildings behind it.

there are several older
which have been allowed to just sit and rot. in general i think that all the old buildings should be reused rather than torn down or allowed to rot. there is a white building that looks as if it was once a large house or apartment building. i think that it would be beneficial to renovate it into an apartment building and maybe add it to the new apartment buildings recently built across the street. there is an old white house on the edge of the street that has been boarded up. i think that it should be fixed up into a home once more or maybe an office building.


  1. I agree with you about not tearing down buildings I think it is important to re-use what is already existing. There is no need to tear down and re-build every time we think there needs to be a new apt. building or store. Preservation is important and helps keep a sense of community through history, place, and context.

  2. thoughtful post. explain a bit more...