Friday, October 30, 2009

downtown intitutions

we started at the intersections of
Market Street and Elm Street again today. we worked our way North this time. we looked at the old Wachovia building. it has been renovated on the inside to be apartments but kept the outside appearance of a legal building with the glass and metal. across
from the apartment building is the
Center City Park. it is a public private park
owned by the Center City Organization. it was
open space that was bought and cleaned up. it is strategically placed beside the apartments to give
the dwellings somewhere peaceful to go. a water
system is being put in at this time. it is important
to put water in the park because when the town was originally founded, it was dry, very dry. the local museum was originally a church. it was reused as the library for a while, becoming a museum recently. they have an exhibit about Gate City and how it was run. after the library was in the old church building, it got its own building which is now the Elon Law School building. the library now is bigger and set up similarly to the Elon Law School. as things expand they build new buildings but have always reuse
the old ones.

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