Friday, October 2, 2009

side streets + back alleys

there are some differences between the main streets and the side/back streets.

the main streets have more apartment and industrial buildings. the houses are kept a bit nicer and there is a lot of infill. renovated apartment buildings, new houses, and parks are some of the things that have taken the place of old buildings, old houses, and space. the apartments show appeal to college students, the new houses show appeal to students
and families, and the park shows
appeal to the children in the neighborhood.

the back/side streets arent built up as nice and most of the houses are the original ones from way back. because these houses are behind the industrial buildings there are a lot of fences. on certain places in the road you can see the old road which was made of brick, which was later covered by asphalt. there are a lot of little side buildings such as sheds and garages. some of the alleys are still utalized but most have been closed off in the back to serve more as driveways.

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  1. while you have some great visuals, your lack of annotations is unfortunate. push more completely and fully to utilize all opportunities to explain your position through writing as well as through photographs.