Friday, September 11, 2009


there are many values portrayed through different buildings and areas on UNCG campus. one that interested me was the library tower. some of the values i see in the library tower are superiority, importance and a kind of landmark on the campus. its superiority comes with the fact that it stands higher than the other buildings on the campus. it is made of white stone material rather than the common brick. this makes the building stand out among the others in a way to give it superiority. the importance value tacks on to that because it shows that the building serves a special purpose, books. it is the place you can go when you need to do research or to study. the landmark value ties into the importance because it is viewable all around campus. just look for the tall white library tower and you know automatically where you are. these are all very important values to be help on the UNCG campus.
another location is the quad. this is the area between the upper-classman dorms. it is a big open area with trees lining it. the sidewalk goes around the edges with sidewalks criss-crosses through grass forming triangles. the quad has several values. one of which is that it is a common area for gathering. it is a great place to gather for things such as frisbee, tag, or sunbathing. it can, also, be a common place to meet for the upper-classman.
a third area is peabody park. this is the 'nature area' for the school. it was originally donated to be the nature/exercise area for the women students. part of it is now a golf course and sports stuff. the w. market street boundary is lined with the peabody park. i think the school will eventually use that land for other things. i think that they will find more productive jobs for the land than to just be there.

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  1. I really like how you used the different building material of the library as a value. I think its some kind of quartz and cement. never really seen that kind of building - ugly yet superior at the same time. I agree with your criticism of some of peabody park, it could be used much more productively, especially as the population of this school grows.