Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Centers are found all around campus. there are 3 main centers: the EUC, the library, and the caf. i would have to sat that the EUC's center is the staircase. the stairs come out and around as if they are receiving you into the building (from the college ave entrance). the top and bottom of the staircase are circular with little circles in them. the architect tied the walker ave entrance in with the staircase look with a circle theme, with the circle on the bottom reflecting a circle on the top.

the library has two main centers. the area between the info desk and the study area and the college ave entrance. the inside area has this piece of art hanging from the ceiling and it almost seems out of place but it adds to the centrality of the area. it has a hall on two ends and two open rooms on the sides. the college ave entrance has the rounded off appearance and has the classical columns.

the cafe has two main centers as well. the staircase leading to the food and the walker fountain
entrance. the fountain entrance has a rectangular theme about it. the carpet has rectangular outlines that reflect the skylights in the ceiling.

my view on "center-ness" is that it is a common place. a place that people visit regularly or a common meeting area for friends. it is a place that when you are all over the place you can say "Meet me here or there" and everyone knows where you are talking about. its a place you show people when they come to visit or when they first come to the school. it is a place of easy access, anyone can get to it easily. it is, basically, a common area with easy access.

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  1. great series of five photos. they form a story unto themselves in composition and the elements you frame within them...