Friday, September 18, 2009

College Hill

there are a lot of different types and appearances for different homes/buildings. on college there are limited types and appearances though. the houses were all two stories. all of the houses had front porches and a few had side porches. not many had wooden window screens but most had metal storm windows. only a few didnt have doors with windows in them. none of the houses on college hill had window shutters. about half of the houses had driveways...some had to park in the street. a lot had only one mailbox but some had multiple; these were the houses that had been turned into more of an apartment. all had somewhat of a front yard but not all the foundation planting. only a few went without having shady trees in the yard. the apartment building were the only buildings built of anything besides wood. they all had wood trim though. we came to the conclusion that the houses are the way they are because this isnt really a single-family neighborhood anymore, its college students and some professors.

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