Friday, September 18, 2009

what's in a name?

the area where the greensboro college sign is has had several different names over the years. it started as piety hill because the methodist church stared greensboro college as a religious institution and piety means religious. then it was changed to west end. this was because the town grew and didnt want the religiousness so prominent and it is the western area of greensboro. last but not least the name became college hill. this name suits the best because it is the edge of town where the campuses of greensboro college and UNCG start.
**to infill anything is to replace the original with something new**
the big pink house on the corner of mendenhall st and market st is the oldest house in this area. i think it was kept because it is a symbol of the old days.

there is an apartment building on
mendenhall st that you can tell hasnt been there long because it is facing market st instead of mendenhall st and there are no porches and the style is very bland. it is an infill because the contractors took the empty land and turned into more living space.

there is a little white house on the corner of mendenhall st and mcgee st that is a perfect example of a porch infill. the porch went across the front of the house but half has been filled in to make more inside room.

there is a huge church on one of
the corners on mendenhall st. it took the place of a couple houses and the land across from it is now a parking lot that took the place of a couple more houses. this is an example of a church infill.

there is also a big setback on
mendenhall. the house is
oviously newer and it has been set back on the land so that the front of it lines up with the back of the surrounding homes.

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