Friday, September 4, 2009


on my map of the UNCG campus, i labeled the bell tower, on the corner of college ave and spring garden, as my stack. even though the bell tower is only 4 yrs old, i think that it was built to represent the past. it is built with the brick and stone details of the older buildings such as foust. it also has the columns on the clock face of the the tower such as stone and brown do. i think that in building the bell tower, the architech was trying to tie all of the different decades together.

i labeled the foust building as a front because it is facing
out to the town of Greensboro rather than the campus as stone or the library does.

i chose the steam plant, on the corner of highland ave and oakland ave, as the strip. because no one wants to see the maintenance aspect of campus, the steam stack has been pushed to the back of campus along with all electrical wires, the water tower, and the cell phone tower.

as my vantage point, i chose the mciver parking deck tower.
from this tower, you can look out across campus and see from a top view rather than the cross section view you would get on the ground.

the dining hall is labeled as my beat because it is a very common place for students and visitors to go through.

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  1. on the question of the bell tower...what elements and characteristics support your theory that the architects/designers wished to tie together all the various decades from campus? on the other photos, you don't yet delve deeply into description and analysis (as you did with the bell tower image). in the end, deeper and more thorough observation and analysis.